You can speak English with us

You are not Czech inhabitant, but you probably need a special help from doctor? You don´t want go to hospital or to normal clinic, because you need really experienced psychologist, who can talk in English with you? It is normal that if you are not strong in Czech language that you need someone, who can follow suit to you. Our english speaking psychologist Prague will be here for you, everything is very easy, you only should make an appointment and then you can arrive. It does not matter, which problem you have, because it is important talk about thing and theme is not so important. You should open your entrails and then doctor can help you with your concrete problem.

Experienced psychologist

Our doctor is very experienced person, who studied a long time human behavior and psychology, so you can be sure that he is professional expert. He is English speaking psychologist, so be sure that he will understand you everything. Your dialog will be full of methods, so don´t be surprised for example because of quite new, but popular EMDR method that is about eye´s movements. It is nothing bad, you can try it and then you will see the effectiveness.