Compared to other drugs

Spedra, when compared to drugs like Cialis or Viagra, is one of the most EFFECTIVE drugs on the market right now. IF you are looking for a real POWER UP before some action, you should definitely try this pill out since it has shorter waiting time and even better effect on your erection. In 15 minutes, you should be able to have a GO, that means, that there is no waiting and you can easily sum those 15 minutes waiting into an enjoyable foreplay. Spedra’s duration is somewhere between 5 to 6 hours, however it might be less if you are suffering from a severe erectile dysfunction.

How much does this pill cost?

One pill of Spedra costs around 8 euros to 10 euros generally, which is a normal price for a pill, which is quite normal compared to other drugs with the same effect. You should always remember that there is no thing like “going on a budget” when you are curing erectile dysfunction, since a pleasurable sex has more than HUGE effect on your overall psychological state and a state of your relationships. When there is something not working in the sex part, it will also project into the other parts of relationship. But we know that curing ED syndrome is hard, so we made our prices more affordable for all men!

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